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Busted: Ramos collapsed and died? FVR seemed to be a recent favorite of death hoax makers!

Former president Fidel Ramos has become the subject of yet another death hoax. What’s unfortunate is that his bashers seemed to be reveling in the news and wishing the hoax to be true, given his recent criticisms of the Duterte administration.
Facebook page “360 Degrees News PH” shared the article “Breaking! Fidel Ramos Collapses and Dies At His Home” on February 26.

However, they did not even make the effort to confirm the news themselves as they captioned their post: “Paki confirm kung totoo ito. Mukhang legit news naman.”

Ramos collapsed

They would have easily found the article to be a fake, given its source, which is the fake news site

Ramos collapsed
The website claimed that Ramos developed complications on Friday after Senator Leila De Lima’s arrest.

One of Ramos’ aides, a certain Macay, was quoted saying: “Ramos was attending palace-led, toned-down commemoration of the Edsa People Power revolution when he learned that Senator Leila De Lima was arrested. The problem started there until today morning when he collapsed while taking shower at his bathroom.”

Macay then said: “We regret to announce his demise.”

The website also conveyed its condolences to the Filipinos.

However, there was no need for message of condolences. Ramos is alive and well even after De Lima’s arrest. He was even able to recreate his ceremonial leap 31 years after the EDSA People Power that overthrew the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr.

Ramos collapsedImage via Inquirer

Given Ramos’ prominence as a political figure, his death would have been all over the news now.

This is not the first death hoax that Ramos figured in. In October last year, several online articles also surfaced claiming that the former president tested positive for drugs and died in a hospital in Germany.

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