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Busted: Robredo warned about stripping naked if De Lima isn’t released in 2 days? Hoax alert!

Has Vice President Leni Robredo really issued a warning about stripping naked if party-mate Senator Leila De Lima is not released from prison within two days?
An article shared by Marcos Facebook fan page, “Kilusang Bagong Lipunan,” claimed that Robredo did make that warning. The post, shared on March 1, even gained over 3,500 shares and 4,200 reactions as of writing.

Robredo warned about stripping naked

The problem is that the story came from the fake news site It has published hoaxes, some of which Meme Buster has already busted.

Robredo warned about stripping naked[ads1]
According to the fake story, Robredo gave an ultimatum to the Duterte administration on Tuesday about releasing De Lima from detention. If her wish isn’t granted, she allegedly said that she will strip naked to protest the humiliation that the senator is experiencing. The vice president’s warning was said to have come after visiting De Lima in her detention cell.

The only thing that is true out of this story is the fact that Robredo visited De Lima on the senator’s first night in Camp Crame, at around 8pm. She revealed that she seemed to be the last visitor during that night.

During that visit, Robredo said that De Lima gave her updates about what the senator’s legal team is doing. She also described the senator to be “in good spirits.”

That part of the story about her warning to strip naked is purely fictional! Sadly, so many netizens believed in this fake news, based on the comments on social media.

Robredo warned about stripping naked
Robredo warned about stripping naked

Robredo warned about stripping naked is also responsible behind the fake stories about De Lima threatening Duterte if she ever becomes the next Philippine president, De Lima being asthmatic hence excusing her from detention, and De Lima saying that Filipinos must be grateful to her.

Robredo has become one of the popular targets of fake stores online. Among the hoaxes that she figured in included her getting pregnant and committing an abortion, her P700,000-bed, her deportation from the US, her staff committing suicide due to #LeniLeaks, and more.

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