Busted: Are Duterte supporters rejoicing over being called “trolls” for their online abuse against critics?

Duterte fan pages on Facebook are sharing an article about Duterte supporters getting “international recognition. They even triumphantly announced the news with a “congratulations” and a “mabuhay.”

Duterte Supporters Rejoicing Over Trolls

Duterte Supporters Rejoicing Over Trolls 

Duterte Supporters Rejoicing Over Trolls

We read the article, which talked about how Singapore’s biggest newspaper, Strait Times, mentioned Duterte’s supporters and portrayed them to be “unrelenting and unforgiving” to Duterte’s critics.

The article also quoted the Strait Times column written by Global Affairs associate editor Ravi Velloor.

“Criticism is met with abuse. An army of online warriors, some of whom are perhaps employed in the booming outsourcing industry, seem to be readily on hand to toll presidential critics, putting a fright into even seasoned commentators,” it read.

The article even discussed how the Strait Times column criticized Duterte’s war on drugs and the over 2,000 deaths linked to it since Duterte became president. The column added that if the killings and Duterte’s gyrations in the sea row with China continue, these could become a “bone in ASEAN’s throat.”


The same column also called comments comparing Duterte with the late Singaporean founder and leader Lee Kuan Yew as “laughably inappropriate.”

The blogs pointed to as the source of their article. Politiko also based its article on the Strait Times column “Duterte shouldn’t wreck the party he crashed” that was published on September 30.

Based on these articles, the Duterte fan pages could have misunderstood their content. Or were they rejoicing and congratulating themselves over being called out for abusing, trolling, and scaring Duterte’s critics? They were clearly feeling jubilant over what they considered as “international recognition” when it was actually “international slamming” of the way they attack those who dare to criticize Duterte. Did they even read the article?

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