Busted: UAAP players were not ‘forced’ to wear black and they raised their fists for school hymn, not for Duterte

Duterte fan page “DU30 Media Network” has been slammed for claiming that the UAAP players during the Ateneo-La Salle basketball match on October 2 were “forced” to wear black and that the Lasallians raised their fists as a sign of support for President Rodrigo Duterte.

The page’s current post, though, no longer reflects the admin’s claim that the raised fists were “Laban Duterte sign” after the post was revised for the sixth time.

UAAP Players Wear Black

And these were the photos the admin of the page showed as proof how those who attended the UAAP were not wearing black.

UAAP Players Wear Black

But looking at the post’s Edit History, the first post was already mistaken by saying that the players and those who attended the event were “forced” to wear black.

Here’s the first version of the post:

UAAP Players Wear Black

What really happened is that the Ateneo de Manila University and De La Salle University “invited” the members of their communities to wear either black garments or black clothing accessories to express their solidarity with the victims of human rights violations and everyone else involved in upholding the human rights in the Philippines. The Ateneans and Lasallians were clearly “invited,” not “forced,” as the Duterte fan page claimed, to wear black.

“This is particularly in light of the considerable amount of sentiments and convictions already expressed by various sectors of both the Ateneo de Manila University and De La Salle University communities in opposition to the possible Marcos burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, and the growing number of extrajudicial killings/summary executions in the country,” said the memo circulated throughout ADMU.

This part of the memo also brought attention to a particular sentence in the Duterte fan page’s post. The memo clearly did not mention President Duterte, yet the fan page phrased its caption as: “pagkontra sa extrajudicial killings ni President Duterte.”


But in the fourth version of the post, the admin of the page made quite a significant change by adding these two lines – “Mga Pilipino Hindi Na Maloloko Pang Muli” and “Laban Duterte Sign.”

The page seemed to be insinuating that since those pictured were in green instead of black, as per the memo, this meant that they were no longer “fooled” into denouncing their support for Duterte, especially when they ended up raising their fists. Duterte’s supporters clench their first the same way Duterte does as a sign of support for the President.

Those who saw this version of the post sounded off in the comments section, saying that Lasallistas and other UAAP players raise their fists whenever they sing their school hymn. This is not a gesture exclusive to Duterte and his supporters.

One commenter even asked if President Duterte has patented the closed fist as his sign.

UAAP Players Wear Black

Another commenter also refuted Duterte fan page’s post, adding that even those who support the president should know when to support him and when to disagree with something that he does wrong.

UAAP Players Wear Black

As for those who said that sports and politics should not mix, remember how the NBA players wore “I Can’t Breathe T-shirts”? Facebook user Moses Albiente posted photos of the players in their protest T-shirts.


The NBA players wore the shirts in support of Eric Garner’s family, who died on July 17 after a New York police officer placed him on chokehold while he was being arrested. Footage of Garner’s arrest showed him gasping for breath while saying “I can’t breathe,” but a grand jury decision did not indict the officer, causing thousands to protest the decision.

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