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Busted: Donald Trump Jr. said he sometimes felt as though Duterte is his president? It’s fake news!

At least two blogs claimed that the eldest child of US President Donald Trump said that there are times when he would think of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte as his president.
Donald Trump Jr. allegedly said the remark to show his respect for world leaders who provide selfless service to their countries despite the obstacles, blogs and claimed.

The remark was quoted in the article itself, so we tried to verify it by Googling for other reports that may be carrying the same statement. However, we could not find it in other media sites.

The first source,, cannot exactly be trusted as a good source of accurate information when it has published fake articles before. In fact, their fake article about French President Emmanuel Macron claiming that he said Duterte is a role model went viral. The same blog also published the fake story about former US President George W. Bush saying that he knows Duterte personally.

When we checked, we found several fake articles published in it, too.

These points proved that Donald Trump Jr. did not actually say that he sometimes see Duterte as his president, too, so it’s fake news. The American president’s son seems to be quite occupied dealing with his own issues in the US, such as the controversies surrounding his Russian meeting.

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