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Busted: Article claiming Robredo is against Duterte’s curfew plan is a HOAX

Netizens certainly did not hold back from all the negative things they have to say about Robredo, from saying why she is not supporting Duterte and how she does not deserve a Cabinet post in the incoming administration to calling for her resignation now and wishing something bad to happen to Robredo’s daughters.

But when you click on the link to the article itself, you’d wonder where the content went! Another page will open, but you won’t find any article. Instead, you’ll be redirected to a YouTube video advertising an Internet service provider.


So, someone banked on the fact that many articles involving Duterte can easily incite anger or any strong emotion among Duterte supporters, who have been known to react strongly on social media. That someone knew how much user engagement this article about Robredo going against Duterte’s curfew proposal would bring and used that to propel the number of views for that YouTube video. The article is a HOAX.

This means that those angry Duterte supporters who chastised Robredo for not supporting Duterte just read the article title, not even caring about its content at all!

Even when you look for other articles showing Robredo not agreeing with Duterte on implementing a curfew for minors, you won’t find any. What you might find, though, are articles about child rights advocates disagreeing with Duterte’s proposal to imprison the parents of minors caught roaming the streets past the 10pm-5am curfew, arguing that doing so will only traumatize the kids and cause further damage to fragile families.

By not reading the content of an article and reacting only to its headline obviously does not give you the whole story. But it seems like the content itself does not matter to the hundreds of netizens who reacted and commented on the article, which makes them even more dangerous.

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