Busted: NO VCMs being stored at Novotel

More lies of alleged VCM machines at Novotel went viral today.

Apparently, this was initially rumored by a certain Mike Acebedo Lopez.

Mike Acebedo Lopez Comelec VCMs in Novotel

And was picked-up by a Pro-Duterte site

Comelec VCMs in Novotel

There, however, is absolutely no truth to the rumor that there are VCMs in Novotel. “First of all, the COMELEC has fully accounted for all VCMs, each of which has a unique ID that allows the COMELEC to know where it is. This means it is impossible for anyone to misplace these machines”, said Cong. Barry Gutierrez of the Liberal Party.


“Secondly, the basis of the statement of Henrietta de Villa of the PPCRV is mere rumor, completely bereft of basis and substance. We also question the timing of this statement, releasing it exactly on Election Day and not earlier. Nonetheless, to dispel all doubts, we support a full inquiry into this. We expect Ms. De Villa to give the precinct numbers of the alleged VCMs. Should she fail to do so, we expect Ms. De Villa to issue an apology and attestation of the truth with the same enthusiasm and alacrity she displayed in repeating this rumor. Like all Filipinos, we support honest and credible elections. Spreading baseless and unsubstantiated rumors is not only irresponsible, but also illegal as it undermines the credibility of the electoral process”, Gutierrez added.

Meanwhile, as reported by ABS-CBN and GMA, it’s said to have no VCMs being stored at Novotel.

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