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Busted: Headline ‘Rappler’s Maria Ressa claims 90 people per minute wanted to rape her’ is FAKE!

Have you read about The Asian Policy Press’ eye-catching headline saying, “Rappler’s Maria Ressa claims 90 people per minute wanted to rape her”?
Maria Ressa

The Asian Policy Press obviously showed its animosity towards Ressa and Rappler as it described both by writing:

“Maria Ressa is the founder of Rappler, a propaganda machine masquerading as a social news network. Rappler and its legions of filthy writer have been publishing propaganda write ups to destabilize President Duterte and his government.” 

The article about Ressa allegedly claiming she was threatened with rape by 90 people per minute was based on a Facebook post by Manila Standard columnist Jojo Robles. He said that a friend in Vancouver told him the Ressa said that she received “rape threats and death threats at a rate of 90 per minute.”

Image: Screencap by The Asian Policy

The article also noted Ressa’s post back in October 2016 saying that it was “time to take back the Internet.”

However, Rappler debunked the news.

In a Facebook post on April 28, it called The Asian Policy Press’ headline as “highly erroneous” and warned readers that the article is peddling fake news.

Rappler clarified that this is actually Ressa’s statement lifted from CBC News’ April 27 article “’Democracy as we know it is dead’: Filipino journalists fight fake news.”

“After Rappler published a series called “Weaponizing the Internet,” the threats came flooding in.

‘‘An average of 90 hate messages an hour,’ Ressa said. ‘That’s what I dealt with for a month.’

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