Netizen calls out PMA alumni for making malicious comments vs. Rappler’s Ressa, military issues apology

Anonymous Facebook page Pinoy Ako Blog (PAB) wrote an open letter to Armed Forces of the Philippines chief General Eduardo Año to call his attention to the behavior of some Philippine Military Academy alumni for spreading fake news about Maria Ressa, Rappler’s executive editor.
PAB wrote in his letter that it all started when a certain Richard Nicanor Carlos shared what turned out to be fake news from The Asian Policy Press, “Rappler’s Maria Ressa claims 90 people per minute wanted to rape her.”

According to PAB, he can attest that Carlos, a PMA graduate, not only shared fake news but also maligned Ressa, along with other PMA alumni.

PAB also included screenshots of the comment thread on Carlos’ post, some of which included the following:

Netizen calls out PMA alumni

Netizen calls out PMA alumni

Netizen calls out PMA alumni

Netizen calls out PMA alumni

He also identified several PMA alumni by looking through their Facebook profile.

PAB also brought to attention how a certain Mike Logico, who turned out to be a director at the AFP Wargaming Center in Camp Aguinaldo, called out the other PMA alumni for making fun of rape.

Netizen calls out PMA alumni

PAB ended his open letter expressing his hope that Año would act on the PMAers and AFP members’ malicious behavior towards Ressa.


Two days after PAB’s open letter was posted on Facebook, the military issued a statement on May 1. It called the PMAers, active and retired soldiers’ actions towards Ressa “ungentlemanly” and “not in keeping with the AFP as an institution that is committed to the protection and advocacy of human rights especially those of women.”

The statement also said that Año was “very upset” by the actions of the soldiers, calling those actions as something that were “not sanctioned and will never be tolerated by the AFP.” It also condemned the PMA alumni’s behavior, saying that it was “not taught in the Philippine Military Academy.”

General Año has ordered an investigation into the matter to be conducted by the Provost Marshall General of the AFP.

“The AFP is composed of Officers and men who have made and are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the nation and for fellow Filipinos. But we will not allow any conduct unbecoming of officers and gentlemen by some individuals who do not represent the entire Armed Forces of the Philippines,” the military’s statement said.

“We publicly apologize to Miss Maria Ressa for the emotional pain, anxiety, and humiliation those irresponsible comments and unkind remarks might have caused her,” it added.

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