Busted: De Lima sang at her own birthday party, not in Bilibid

A blog site has claimed that Senator Leila de Lima held a concert at the New Bilibid Prison.

De Lima Sang Birthday Party

The Facebook user’s caption really seems like he believes that de Lima was indeed singing to the prisoners.

The blog itself claimed that the video of de Lima was of her holding a concert inside the New Bilibid Prison and that the senator was singing Imelda Papin’s hit “Bakit.”


True enough, de Lima sang “Bakit” at the coaxing of the singer herself since Papin was also at the party. But if you look at the surroundings, you can’t see any prisoners clad in their orange uniforms. Instead, she was singing to civilian party-goers.


A little investigation into what the event could be that de Lima graced with her singing led us to an ABS-CBN article, bearing the original video used in the blog. Whoever wants to investigate the origin of the video can easily do so because the YouTube video itself bears ABS-CBN’s logo.

And it turned out that the video was uploaded on August 27 on de Lima’s 56th birthday, based on ABS-CBN’s caption of the video and you can read the original article here.

De Lima Sang Birthday Party

It was the farthest thing from holding a concert at the New Bilibid Prison, as claimed by the blog. Again, it helps to verify things first before reacting and posting it on Facebook.


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