Former Health Secretary Ubial’s son to Pacquiao: I will not apologize for being a Filipino, a voter

After the rejection of former Health Secretary Paulyn Ubial by the Commission on Appointments on October 10, her son took to Facebook to tell Senator Manny Pacquiao that he will not apologize for doing his duty as a voting Filipino in criticizing Pacquiao and other lawmakers.

“Senator Pacquiao asked me for an apology, and I will indulge him with one. I apologize for being too young, and for being too brash,” Karl Rosell Ubial wrote on Facebook.
“I will not however, apologize for doing my duty, being a citizen of this country. I will not apologize for being a voter— the voice of one amidst the voice of a multitude. I will not apologize for being a Filipino,” he added.

Pacquiao brought up Karl’s Facebook posts that criticized him for supporting the bill on capital punishment.

“And then hindi mo naman siguro alam dahil busy ka masyado pero siyempre pangit naman na ikaw nandyan sa DOH, secretary, and then yung pamilya mo magcomment ng bad against the administration. Especially, sa aming mga senators,” Pacquiao said.

Pacquiao noted Karl’s post, where he said: “’Only God can judge Marcos.’ Supports judgment through death penalty.” This was Karl’s comment on a news report with the title, “Pacquiao says no one but God can judge ex-Pres. Marcos.”

“Siguro pagsabihan na lang natin si Karl na hindi na mag-comment kasi pangit naman na your job…sa DOH and then may mga comment na masama doon sa ibang leader ng bansa, especially sa administration,” he added.

On her mother’s rejection by the CA, Karl said his mother accepted the risks that came with accepting the offer to become Health Secretary.

“Today, the honorable commission on appointments has not only rejected a cabinet official; it has rejected a CAREER— a career spanning 29 years. 22 of which were a huge part of my life,” Karl said.
“My mother will walk out that hall— jobless, and vacated from a career that she worked hard for from the ground up. She accepted the risk when she accepted the appointment — that the risk was higher for her because there was no job waiting for her upon her rejection, yet she fought,” he added.

“She fought hard.”

He added that her mother simply wanted to make the Philippines a better place.

“I wish not to anyone to feel how it was growing up as her son, waking up not where she is, sleeping ahead of her, and wondering why we would move from place to place. I’ve been to more than five schools, spanning Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, just because my mother loved what she did. And for so long, I couldn’t understand why she did it, but as I grew up— I understood.”

“She wanted to make this country a better place.”

“I could see it every time she tries to bring me to a far-flung barrio or a hospital I have never thought existed. I could see it every time she stands at a podium and passionately talks about her vision for the Philippines.”

“She made me aspire to become a leader.”

Karl also noted that his mother’s legacy will live on after spending 29 years in government service.

“Has the Commission of Appointments tarnished my dream nor my mother’s reputation? Not one bit. As a democratic voice, I believe Secretary Ubial’s legacy will live on, from the Hopeline to Tobacco Cessation. As will the Dr. Ubial from her grassroots career in Kidapawan.”

“For me, as a part of me dies, the fire burns stronger than ever. May this not tarnish the dreams of many of the youth out there. For as long as we sing the hymn and the flag raises high, we will not falter.”

Netizens slammed Pacquiao for seemingly asking Ubial’s son not to criticize him and other lawmakers.

“Bawal kang punahin @mannypacquiao? Ubial’s son doesn’t need to apologize. It’s his right to criticize public officials,” one Twitter user said.

“Pero bakit si Mocha, public official pero kung anu-ano sinasabi against other leaders di kayo galit?” another asked.

Other netizens also weighed in on the matter.

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