Twitter user slammed over joke asking for North Korean missile to be aimed at opposition on September 21 rally

Twitter users slammed a man for joking about asking the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to aim his missile to the “huge opposition rally” on the Martial Law anniversary on September 21.
On September 16, a certain @Rik Escudero tweeted: “Dear President Kim Jong-un, Please aim your missile to the huge opposition rally on Sept. 21. Hehehe.”

What he described as “nuke joke” was not received well by his fellow Twitter users.

“Very wrong tweet. Very wrong reply to tweet. Extremely wrong people who are saying such things,” said JP Tanyag.

Escudero later deleted the joke, but it turned out he also had another “wish” related to the same rally.
A screen capture of his tweet showed that he said, “Dear General Albayalde, May I request for the sacked Caloocan police force to provide security to the group on Sept 21 rally. Thanks.”

One of those who responded to Tanyag’s tweet wondered whether the “nuke” joker was aware such a missile would possibly destroy the whole Metro Manila, including him.

“Aware ba sila na sa lakas ng missile na yun, halos buong Metro Manila mawawala? taga Manila pa naman si koya,” she said.

Something’s wrong with our culture, another one said.

“When people wish the death of many solely because they disagree with the current administration, something is really wrong with our culture,” he tweeted.

In reaction to other Twitter users slamming his joke, Escudero said he chose to delete that particular tweet to avoid “Yellow poop” on his account.

He went on to address the “yellow trolls.”

Militant groups will hold protest rallies on September 21. The rally will start in Mendiola, then demonstrators will march to Luneta for the culminating event, said Bayan Muna party-list Rep, Carlos Isagani Zarate.

The National Capital Region Police (NCRPO) said that they are ready for the rally, but also urged the protesters to maintain peace throughout the rally.

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