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Busted: Trump offered special treatment to Filipinos in the US due to Duterte? Fake news!

US President Donald Trump was said to have announced a program that aims to take care of Filipinos living in America, as a symbol of his appreciation of President Rodrigo Duterte.
It was shared to Duterte fan page “President Rody Duterte Facebook Army,” with the post gaining 201 shares.

Trump offered special treatment to Filipinos

The post was also shared by a certain Fred Umayam, receiving 173 shares.

Trump offered special treatment to Filipinos

But the story originated from the fake news site

It claimed that Trump launched “TrumpCare,” which was designed to encourage good governance among world leaders. The Philippines is said to be the first country to enjoy its rewards. quoted Trump:
“I want to make it clear, here and in Philippines. All Filipinos living in United States of America shall enjoy free stay in state-owned mansions. Yes, they will pay tax only. I want to show an act of appreciation to Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte for helping the humanity by fighting drugs.”

Trump allegedly said the offer is only available for two years and will be provided to other countries, aside from the Philippines, as long as their leaders perform like Duterte.

Another quote from Trump, as reported by

“The program is valid for two years and it would be extended to other countries where Presidents will perform like Rodrigo Duterte.”

Reasons behind the program are unclear, but’s “immediate sources” hinted that Duterte and Trump are “long term friends.”

But just like all the other stories published by, Trumpcare for Filipinos in the US is a lie. Trump even failed to push for his healthcare reform to replace Obamacare! And Trumpcare is aimed not only for Filipinos as a reward for Duterte’s performance as Philippine president, but it is a health insurance meant for everyone.

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