Busted: Has Trillanes now sided with Duterte after admitting to being ordered to hound the President? He HASN’T!

Before the May 9 elections, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, then running for vice president, accused now President-elect Rodrigo Duterte of harboring ill-gotten wealth in his BPI Julia Vargas bank account. Trillanes also released a negative campaign ad against Duterte, showing him cursing and making provocative declarations during his campaign rallies.

And now, an article posted with a title “Senator Trillanes pumanig na kay Mayor Duterte at inaming napag-utusan lang!” has resurfaced on Facebook.

Trillanes Now Sided Duterte

When you click on the link, surprise, surprise! The article contains only two sentences:

“Manila – Sa rally ni Mayor Duterte kagabi umakyat ng stage si Senator Trillanes at inaming napag utusan lang daw sya ng hindi pa pinangalanang opisyal ng gobyerno. Panoorin ang video.”

As usual, hundreds of netizens were quick to react to the post, possibly not even bothering to read the article to know that it was posted on May 3. And as some of the commenters have posted, the photo that was an old one, possibly during that time when Trillanes asked to be Duterte’s vice president.

And the article even makes the readers believe that there is a video, with a screengrab of what seems like a video bearing a CNN Philippines logo. But if you click on that image, you will merely be redirected to another page that is completely irrelevant to what the article’s title was promising.


If you click on the few articles found on the website, it is perhaps safe to establish that the site has nothing informational to offer at all. The other articles were made in the same flimsy manner with titles making huge claims, only to disappoint readers with a content that does not give more details and a misleading promise of letting you watch a video, when there isn’t any.

There are no further details supporting the title’s claim of Trillanes siding with Duterte after confessing to being ordered, possibly, to ruin Duterte during the election campaign.

But if you read news articles from major, credible sources, Trillanes even filed a plunder complaint against Duterte on May 4, a day after the article claimed Trillanes to have come up to Duterte on stage during a campaign rally.

Trillanes accused the then-Davao City mayor of hiring over 11,000 contractual workers in the city government in 2014. The senator even said that this scheme could be the source of what he accused as Duterte’s P2.4 billion transactions in his bank account.

As for the claim of Trillanes siding with Duterte, the senator did say on May 10 that he respected the “will vote of the Filipino people” and would not hinder Duterte’s presidency.

However, Trillanes also said, “I will continue with my advocacies as a legislator in our system of checks and balances. May God bless our country.”

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