Teddy Locsin made the Hitler comment before Duterte did and ranted on twitter

Even before President Rodrigo Duterte raised international concerns from mentioning the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and his killing of millions of Jews, it seemed like one of the president’s men mentioned Hitler before he did.

Before he was appointed as the Philippine’s ambassador to the United Nations, as announced by Malacañang on September 18, politician, lawyer, media personality Teddy Locsin Jr. also mentioned Hitler.

Any mention of Hitler, who killed 6 million Jews during World War II, would naturally evoke unpleasant reactions and raise concerns.

This is why Duterte’s mention of Hitler along with his remark on how he’d be happy to slaughter three million drug addicts caused alarm in Germany, Israel, the Pentagon, United Nations, and various human rights groups.

Amid Duterte’s controversial Hitler remark, people recalled that Locsin also invoked Hitler on Twitter.

Locsin tweeted on August 22: “I believe that the drug menace is so big it needs a FINAL SOLUTION like the Nazis adopted. That I believe. NO REHAB.”

Teddy Locsin Hitler Comment

Locsin did not stop with his Hitler references with that tweet as he also tweeted this on August 25: “You may find this hard to believe but the Nazis were not all wrong, give or take killing millions of the wrong people. Keep an open mind.”

The tweet was taken down but Sun Star columnist Elizabeth Baumgart posted a screenshot of that tweet on her Facebook account, along with a message on how her German father and his family suffered during the Holocaust.


Baumgart also posted a screenshot of how Locsin hit back at a Twitter user who criticized his comment about how the Nazi’s “were not all wrong.” She considered it “depressing” and “heartbreaking” to have Locsin as the Philippines’ UN ambassador.


This is also the tweet that was thought to have triggered author and blogger Jessica Zafra to write the article, “Obituary for the Formerly Brilliant.” In the article, Zafra described Locsin as her mentor.

“This person I looked up to as a mentor, who introduced me to great works of literature and humanist thought, who supported my own attempts at writing and taught me that language is a weapon, who helped me through my constant ineptitude about money, who even shared my love of cats, is gone. The surrogate parent who offered me advice and comfort when my own mother died, is no longer with us,” Zafra wrote.


Zafra also wrote that she learned one last thing from her mentor.

“He has one last thing to teach me: that loyalty has its limits. Mine ends when literature and history are twisted to justify the unjustifiable,” she added.

The Inquirer also noted several other tweets from Locsin.

In its Twitter account, Inquirer posted Senator Leila de Lima’s comments, “Warrantless arrests can be done if suspect is caught in the act.” To this, Locsin replied: “@inquirerdotnet, @AttyLeila, @10avendanoINQ: Ah, shut the fuck up you fat bitch. GMA had a TRO from the Supreme Court and you spat on it.”

Facebook user Luisa Elago commented on how “classy” the new UN ambassador is, referring to the expletive-filled tweets that Locsin posted.


How classy indeed!

Film director Quark Henares even started a poll on Twitter, asking other Twitter users to vote what could possibly be the reason Locsin deleted his Nazi-sympathizing tweet. And the poll result said it was due to legit death threat, as voted by 35% of those who participated in the voting.

Henares also posted a screenshot of Locsin’s reason for deleting his previous tweets about the Nazi, speculating that the young girl Locsin was referring to could be Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl born in Germany who was one of the victims of the Holocaust whose. She also gained fame posthomously after her diary about evading the Nazis was published.

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