Talent manager tells Mocha ‘Sana, MTRCB Chairmanship ang hiningi mo, teh’ and more responses to her SPG rating complaints

On February 17, Mocha Uson posted a video blog about her complaints regarding ABS-CBN’s programs abusing the use of the Strong Parental Guidance (SPG) rating.
She called out how these programs allowed the viewing of “malalaswang eksena,” referring to the “Abuso” episode of ABS-CBN’s Ipaglaban Mo on February 11 and the pilot episode of the afternoon drama series The Better Half of the same network on February 13.

Uson said that her followers complained about the episodes of the said programs.

She added, “Ginagamit itong SPG para maipalusot o maipalabas yung eksena diyan sa inirereklamo niyo – yung rape scene sa Ipaglaban Mo sa ABS-CBN at saka The Better Half diyan sa ABS-CBN.”

Uson even condemned a particular scene, which she described to have showed a “lengthy” kissing scene, with a girl mounting on a boy.


“Itong reklamong ito, hindi lang po sa akin, may public pressure po dito. Kinukulit po ako kung bakit nakakalusot po ito,” she said.

She then went on to say that she cannot remove the daring scenes from TV because she is only one of the 30 MTRCB board members, some of whom were still appointed by previous administrations. Uson added that some of the board members also refused to accept change. She lamented how much of a waste of tax money it is to continue paying the MTRCB board members if they refuse to regulate the showing of violence and sex scenes on TV networks.

Uson then said that if she cannot convince her fellow MTRCB board members, it might be better for her to resign from her post.

“Kung di po natin makumbinsi ang mga board members na pigilan itong malalaswang eksena sa telebisyon, e, magre-resign na lang po tayo,” she said.

As for her and her followers’ complaints, Uson promised to bring those up during the board meeting on Monday, which would have been on February 20.

Ogie Diaz reacts

On February 19, talent manager Ogie Diaz took to Facebook to respond to Uson’s complaints against the abuse of the SPG rating.

“Sana, MTRCB Chairmanship ang hiningi mo, teh, hindi pagiging board member. Para magawa mo yung gusto mo,” Diaz said.

“Ikaw naman. Sa Monday pala ang meeting mo, nagsumbong ka na agad sa taumbayan,” Diaz said, chastising Uson’s choice to air her complaints out to her over 4 million followers.

Diaz hoped that Uson could have finished the MTRCB board meeting before airing her complaints to her followers, adding that the sexy entertainer and diehard Duterte supporter did not even attend the meeting with her fellow newly appointed board members.


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