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When memes first came to exist, they were made to entertain.

But when they were created with the malicious intention to deceive, that is when gets involved.

We started out in 2016, amid the proliferation of memes spouting lies in favor of or against certain political candidates. Memes were the weapons of choice, hence our name.

As a small team of lie busters, our goal is to help the truth surface and clear the confusion and misconception brought by the misleading memes, fake stories, and deceiving headlines.

We need help in fighting fake news, starting with keeping our website up. We have to pay for our server hosting, website maintenance, and our small team of researchers and writers, among other things.

We would have liked to think that we are winning in our battle against the spread of fake news, but it does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. The good thing is that we can work together in fighting it off.

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Supporters: 28
Gross: P 55,252.00