Busted: Senators rejected Robredo’s bribe to defend her? It’s fake news!

At first look, this article that seemed like the Philippine Star did write the report about three senators rejecting Vice President Leni Robredo’s bribe to defend her from impeachment threats. It even gained 235 shares.

But when you click on the link, you will be directed to a blog called

It turned out the same story was also shared by the Duterte fan page “Duterte for Real Change.” Their post was a hit among netizens, receiving 578 shares and 1,200 reactions.

However, we have already busted some fake stories from the blog, so we proceeded with caution in verifying its claims.
According to the story, Senators Sherwin Gatchalian, Joel Villanueva, and Nancy Binay revealed that Robredo tried to bribe them to vote in her favor once an impeachment complaint is filed against her. The Senate has allegedly launched an investigation into the bribery scandal.

These claims, though, are simply made-up. While it is true that Robredo is facing impeachment threats from Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, Solicitor General Jose Calida, and a group of lawyers and academics, no senator has publicly claimed that Robredo bribed them.

Unfortunately, many of Robredo’s bashers did not take their time to verify just how true the story is as they went right ahead in expressing their anger at the Vice President.

They asked about her “lugawan’s” income and how she is embarrassing her daughters now.

Others pointed to Fil-Am civic leader Loida Nicolas Lewis and the Liberal Party as the potential financiers of the bribe.

However, some netizens doubted the veracity of the story, with one saying that she is not pro-Robredo but will try to verify it first. Another one called for a stop to spreading fake news to avoid ruining the reputation of Duterte support pages.


Indeed, the story is fake! It came from a fake news site with quite a long record of publishing hoaxes.


When Robredo was accused by former Senator Bongbong Marcos’ camp of bribing some of the latter’s witnesses, the Vice President shot back at him, saying it is not in her character to bribe anyone.

“Siguro kilala ninyo naman ako. Wala naman sa karakter ko na magbayad ng testigo. Matagal na akong abugado, hindi ko naman dinaanan iyong ganyan na para manalo sa kaso, magbabayad ng testigo,” Robredo said.

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