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Busted: Robredo wants Duterte to resign? It’s not true!

Vice President Leni Robredo allegedly asked when President Rodrigo Duterte would finally resign after he brought up talk about his resignation if he cannot solve the country’s drug problem.

A statement that was attributed to Robredo based on an article from was shared by the Facebook page “President Rodrigo Duterte” on November 25 and it has since elicited negative comments from the netizens about the vice president.
But a quick Google search of Robredo’s alleged statements in the story led us to the blog, whose article bore the title “Robredo Asks “Kailan” on Duterte’s Resign Statement If He Can’t Solve the Drug Problem” published on November 25.

According to the story, Robredo reacted to Duterte talking about the possibility of him resigning from office if he cannot solve the drug problem in the Philippines. Okd2 and copied a few paragraphs off an Inquirer report published on November 25, but added a few made-up statements that were attributed to Robredo. The story claimed that she described Duterte as someone who “can’t walk his talk” and even asked when he would resign.

You can verify these statements yourself and see that you can only find them on Okd2 and localhero:

“Alam, naman natin na he can’t walk his talk. Ano na ba ang balita dun sa six months? Di ba dapat matagal na siyang nagresign? Kelan ba talaga?”

“Marami na talaga tayong naririnig na feedback na napapagod na talaga ang mga tao sa bunganga na ating pangulo. Wala namang problem kung sa akin e, sarili naman niya ang ginagawa niyang katawa-tawa. Dapat pag nangako di ba tinutupad? So kalian yong sinasabing resign?”

Robredo did not make such statements about Duterte though. Looking back on previous reports where Robredo made remarks about Duterte, she once said in June that she has a good working relationship with the President, despite not seeing each other for months. Noting how Duterte invited her to dinner, she said that she was hopeful the dinner will push through after it was set aside due to the Marawi crisis and the President’s foreign trips.
The dinner invitation came after Robredo’s resignation from the Cabinet in December 2016, which the Malacañang chalked up to “irreconcilable differences” due to her oppositions to certain issues involving the President.

Robredo also distanced herself from Tindig Pilipinas, an organization that urged for Duterte to sign bank secrecy waivers or resign. She said that she was invited to attend the mass on September 21 as one of the figures that oppose martial law, but clarified that she was not part of Tindig Pilipinas.

However, the satirical tag that Okd2 placed on its article, but which failed to copy, was not enough to deter some pages from sharing the story as though it was real news.

And the comments were reflective of the fact that the netizens took the story to be true.

We noticed how some commenters even brought up how Robredo allegedly said that she would resign if Duterte wins as president, which was a satirical story from Adobo Chronicles that we clarified.

The same reactions were elicited from the netizens who reacted to Okd2’s story, copied by, that was shared to the page “Marcos Loyalist” and by “Philippine News Courier.”

No, Robredo did not ask Duterte when he would resign. This statement that she allegedly made in reaction to Duterte talking about resigning if he cannot resolve the country’s drug problem came from a ‘satirical’ article, which meant that it should not be taken seriously as a factual story.

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