Busted: Putin said he will help Duterte’s war on drugs? It’s a misleading title for a 2013 interview

A recent article from a fake news site has been circulating the internet wherein Russian President Vladimir Putin allegedly said that he will help President Rodrigo Duterte in his administration’s war against illegal drugs.


The articles have been posted by the websites and The articles have also been shared in other social media platforms such as Facebook.

It has since garnered more than three thousand shares after being posted by the Facebook page “RODY Duterte – Bayaning Pilipino,” a post which has since gained 3,814 shares.

Putin Help Dutertes War on Drugs

The article has also been shared by “Duterte Defenders” and “Duterte News Online.”

Putin Help Dutertes War on Drugs
Putin Help Dutertes War on Drugs

What makes the article questionable is that aside from its headline that says “Putin: I will help Pres. Duterte in his war against illegal drugs,” there is no other content in the article aside from one video of an interview of Putin.


In the interview, Putin is asked questions about sensitive topics such as the situations in Syria and Iran.

However, there is no part wherein Putin specifically said that he will help President Duterte in his campaign against drugs.

Upon further investigation, Meme Buster found out that there was no possibility for Duterte to have been mentioned by Putin because this interview took place in 2013!

Putin Help Dutertes War on Drugs

During the meeting between Duterte and Putin last November in Peru, Duterte had slightly mentioned his war against illegal drugs to Putin. However, their meeting mainly revolved around strengthening the ties between the Philippines and Russia.

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