Official Gazette writer Marco Angelo Cabrera could be paid Marcos troll, says Imbentong Bongbong

Netizens criticized the Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines for historical revisionism after posting a commemoration of the 99th birth anniversary of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos. But the trouble for the government publication did not end there.

Someone used the Official Gazette’s official Facebook account to post what seemed to be a reply to a certain Atty. Jesus Falcis. It turned out to be Marco Angelo Cabrera, who used to work for former Senator Bongbong Marcos and now works for the Presidential Communications Office and the Official Gazette.

A Facebook page called “Imbentong Bongbong” stepped up with more details about who Cabrera is. The page aims to “reveal” all of Bongbong’s lies.

In a Facebook post entitled, “SINO SI MARCO ANGELO CABRERA?” Imbentong Marcos revealed the following things.


“Si Marco Angelo ang nagsulat sa Official Gazette ng katarantaduhan na bumaba lang daw sa pwesto si Marcos noong pinatalsik siya ng People Power.”

Even former President Benigno Aquino III’s presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte pointed out the line that made people suspect that the Official Gazette was trying to revise history.

In reaction to the Official Gazette’s post that they are “not in the business of revising history,” Valte quoted this sentence: “In 1986, Marcos stepped down from the presidency to avoid bloodshed during the uprising that came to be known as ‘People Power.’”

She ended her comment with this: “Ooops, all on the Official Gazette! Not in the business of revising history, my foot!”Official Gazette Marco Angelo Cabrera

“Si Marco Angelo ay Media Writer ni Bongbong Marcos sa Senado at noong kampanya.”

Official Gazette Marco Angelo Cabrera

“Si Marco Angelo ay sumagot pa ng kwestyonin siya ni Atty. Jesus Falcis. Ang ginamit niyang account ay OFFICIAL GAZETTE pa rin.”

Official Gazette Marco Angelo Cabrera

These all lead to Imbentong Bongbong’s conclusion that Cabrera has no business writing for the Official Gazette when he is biased and that he needs to brush up on his history lessons.

“Si Marco Angelo ay hindi dapat nagsusulat para sa Official Gazette dahil biased siya at one-sided ang alam niyang mga storya. Si Marco Angelo ay kailangan magbasa ng kanyang History. Si Marco Angelo ay nagpapakalat ng mga imbentong Bongbong. KUNG AKO BOSS MO, WALA KA NANG TRABAHO NGAYON,” the Facebook page wrote.

Cabrera made that mistake using the Official Gazette’s account while replying to this post by Atty. Falcis:


There is also a second part to the page’s revelations about Cabrera.

In a separate Facebook post called “SINO SI MARCO ANGELO CABRERA PART 2,” Imbentong Bongbong added that aside from being an Official Gazette writer and Marcos loyalist, they found another piece of information about him.

“Pero ano itong bagong impormasyong nakalap naming? Siya raw ay writer ng Get Real Philippines at sya mismo si Benign0!” the page wrote.

“CONNECT THE DOTS. Oo, tama ang matagal na nating hinala! Paid mouthpiece ng mga Marcos ang Get Real Philippines para magpakalat ng mga Imbentong Bongbong. Mukhang halata naman talaga sa istilo ng pagsulat nitong si Marco kung sino at ano talaga sya,” the page added.

This led the Facebook page to conclude this about Cabrera: “Empleyado ni Duterte sa umaga, paid troll ni Marcos sa gabi!”

The page also showed photos of Cabrera’s posts on the Get Real Philippines Community page.


If you type “Marco Angelo Cabrera Get Real” on Facebook Search, you’d find that he did share a lot of Get Real posts.

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