Netizens point out Uson’s spelling errors in her FB post

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After her letter was proofread for errors and went viral, some netizens spotted a new set of errors that Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson committed. This time, they noticed mistakes in her spelling.

Twitter user @kaeofficial tweeted a screenshot of Uson’s post comparing Rappler to blog MindaVote.

@kaeofficial wrote, “Online base? Writters? Prints? Huh? Luh? Nahulog? That is so very wrong spelling? GUEST WHAT? Di ko guest HAHAH BOBO MO @MochaUson tabi nga jan mas m magaking pa sayo ang bata.”

Other Twitter users weighed in on the issue.

“She lost me at “writters.” RIP Spell Check #ResignMocha #MochaUson,” said @LivesMatterPH.

Theater and film actress Chai Fonacier also commented on Uson’s spelling errors.

“Akala ko typo. Pero consistent eh… hala ka. Taxes namin, oi!” she said.

Rappler social media producer tweeted, “Ah yes writters and prints.”

Rappler journalist said that Uson forgot one thing – Rappler have journalists, while MindaVote have bloggers.

Here are other reactions from other netizens:

Uson’s post is still available on Facebook, but it has been edited. Despite the edit, though, she still missed one misspelled word – “clasify.”

We checked her Edit history and this was her original post.

Uson was recently criticized over her letter to Communications Secretary Martin Andanar about reclassifying Rappler as “social media,” especially after a UP associate professor proofread that letter.


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