Netizen denounces Duterte’s divide-and-rule strategy that breeds culture of hatred and violence

Earlier, President Rodrigo Duterte said that the “Yellows” are building a case to impeach him. He was referring to the previous ruling Liberal Party of former President Benigno Aquino III. However, Facebook user and lawyer Bugsy Lopez Bongco has a reply to the president – Duterte will bring an end to his own presidency, not the Yellows.

Bongco started off saying how hard it was for her and her friends to give their support to Duterte when he won because they respect the power of the presidential seat and they wanted to be a part of a united Philippines.

But according to her, Duterte’s strategy that created a “culture of hatred and violence” made it difficult for them to continue giving that support.

“But it was near impossible because of your divide-and-rule strategy that has spawned a culture of hatred and violence among us. It seems we have shed off our Filipino colors but have, unwillingly, been classed as either Dutertards or Yellowtards, the Reds versus the Yellows, the masa versus the elitistas,” Bongco said.

Bongco also pointed out how Duterte’s shaming and name-calling have led to his supporters bullying non-supporters.

“We have been involuntarily subjected to an ignominious management style that has encouraged shaming and name-calling and has discouraged many from voicing out their opinions and concerns lest they be cyberbullied or their names put into a dubious, hastily drawn-up kill list or have maliciously manufactured evidence against them publicized, all fueled by a vicious intent to ruin their lives,” she said.

After reading about Duterte’s accusations that the Yellows are trying to oust him, Bongco said she’s done supporting the President.

“I can no longer support and respect a president who bullies us into silence, who insults and publicly shames anyone who disagrees with him, who embarrasses the entire Filipino nation before other countries, unmindful of how this affects our beloved country and our hardworking OFWs who must suffer the consequences of your utter lack of diplomacy,” she wrote.

She also called Duterte a “despot” who disrespected the Constitution, due process and the rule of law.

Beyond her disgust for the President’s gutter language, Bongco also expresses disgust over Duterte’s “abhorrently rude conduct and attitude that has encouraged many others to think, act and speak like your clones.”

Bongco then fires back at Duterte, telling him the Yellows will not be the cause of his downfall, but his own strategy that encourages hatred and violence and his supporters who followed his example and simply applaud everything he does.

“You are wrong about the Yellows, Mr. Duterte. It is not the yellows who will ultimately bring your end. It is you yourself who is tightening the noose around your neck. And no, it is not the yellows who gave you the rope with which to hang yourself (and all of us along with you) but your very own Dutertenatics who continue to applaud each time you hurl invective at anyone who disagrees with you (read the comments to any article and you’ll see they have perfected your style), who cheer lustily for blood and more blood each time you mention drugs (I often times wonder if they are acting under the influence of illegal drugs) and who rabidly shout “Amen! Amen!” when you command them to, “Go hate all those who are against me,” she said.

However, not all of Duterte’s supporters are vocal, she added, as some of them are “sadly and strangely, silent – a silence that also makes you happy and encourages you to continue with your loathsome hateful behavior.”

Bongco expressed her determination to stand up to Duterte.

“As for me, I will not cower in silence. I refuse to be dragged back into a Marcos-style environment (a “nameless” martial law) when people are expected to follow your commands hook, line and sinker, when people are scared to stand up for what is right because they are afraid to lose their lives. I refuse to live in an environment that encourages hatred and violence,” she said.

“It’s not the Yellows, Duterte. It is you!” she concluded her post.

As of writing, Bongco’s post has gained 7,500 reactions and has been shared 4,209 times.


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