Busted: NBI did not have De Lima arrested, as claimed by a Marcos fan page

Facebook fan page “Marcos Warriors” shared an article from website with a title claiming that the National Bureau of Investigation has ordered the arrest of Senator Leila De Lima.


The page even welcomed the news, saying that this is the kind of news that they have been waiting for.

“Mga ka DDS buong sambayanan Filipino ito ang hinihintay natin sana mag karoon na ang hustisya ang ginawa ni Delima sa bansang Pinas. Ito na ang simula para sa tuloyan ng pag babago ng bansa. Paki-share mga ka DDS! Para malaman ng buong sambayanan..”

The Marcos fan page also hashtagged it #Jaildelima and #Bitayparakaydelima.

De Lima Arrested

But there is no text content when we clicked on the article. Just a 44-minute YouTube video, which contains a combination of clips showing news reports and a Senate investigation, including the following:


  • NBI filing charges against De Lima and 17 others over Bilibid drug trade
  • Investigation into the death of Albuera, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa
  • Death penalty
  • News about a man threatening to shoot a female bus passenger
  • Actor Richard Gomez denying his involvement with drugs
  • Negative reaction to US President-elect Donald Trump’s victory
  • Earthquake in Quezon province
  • A clip showing the Senate investigation into Espinosa’s death

De Lima Arrested

The misleading headline “De Lima pinadampot ng NBI” has been around since November 16.  That’s because the news clips included in the video also surfaced around November 10, such as NBI filing charges against De Lima on November 10.

De Lima Arrested

De Lima Arrested

There was nowhere in the clip where it was said that the NBI had De Lima arrested. This is obviously a mishmash of videos with a misleading title meant to fool readers.

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