Busted: Matobato admitted he lied and apologized to Duterte? It’s from a satire blog!

Facebook fan pages for Duterte shared an article about self-confessed Davao Death Squad member Edgar Matobato admitting to and apologizing about lying when he accused the president of ordering the killings of several people.

Based on the page’s captions, they truly seemed to believe that the article is true.

[50_50_first]Matobato Apologized to Duterte[/50_50_first][50_50_second]
Matobato Apologized to Duterte[/50_50_second]

The first post has been shared over 1,700 times and many of the comments were people urging for the imprisonment of Matobato for lying, while others commended him for his supposed honesty after making serious allegations against Duterte. However, we noticed that it was recently taken down. They might have doubted the credibility of the article they shared themselves.

According to the article, Matobato has apologized to President Rodrigo Duterte after humiliating him with all the accusations, which the hitman supposedly admitted as merely lies. The article then went on to cover how Senate President Koko Pimentel rejected the request for Senate protection for Matobato and what Matobato said about his work as a DDS member.


Good thing there was a link to the original source of the article. We clicked it and look and behold! We found ourselves in what seemed to be a favorite blog among several Duterte fan pages these past few days.

The original source of the article about Matobato admitting to lying about Duterte was You’d be quite familiar with it if you’ve read about our previous busts.

The is a satirical blog that covers global politics, among many other topics. In their
“About Us” page, they made it clear that they should not confuse the blog with the original “The Guardian.” And all their stories are definitely fictional.

Matobato Apologized to Duterte

If you hate falling for these satire articles and their repackaged versions when they are posted on other blogs, make sure to befriend Google and very the articles that you see online. It’s the best weapon you can equip yourself with if you don’t want to fall victim to fake news and satire articles.

Be Informed. Beat the Trolls, Share the Truth!


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