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Busted: Malaysian PM wants to try De Lima before Malaysian court for drug charges? Hoax alert!

Senator Leila De Lima has been incarcerated over drug charges, but an article online claimed that even the Malaysian Prime Minister is interested in trying her before a Malaysian court for the same crime.

An article from a website called was shared by the Facebook page “Duterte for Real Change” on March 16. It has earned 685 shares, as of writing.
Malaysian PM wants to try De Lima
The story claimed that Malaysian PM Najib Razak told journalists in Kuala Lumpur about how Malaysia has won its war against drugs and that capital punishment has scared drug lords and potential ones to give up on their illegal business. He allegedly said that the Philippines should move De Lima to Malaysia and have her tried under Malaysian law, where the punishment is the death penalty.

The PM was quoted by the report: “Bring me De Lima. Let’s put her before a Malaysian court so that she faces the death penalty.”

The report also noted: “Though it is not possible to transfer De Lima to another country, the PM endorsed President Rodrigo Duterte’s fight for a death penalty on drug related offenses.”

Malaysian PM wants to try De Lima

However, the claim about the Malaysian PM wanting to bring De Lima to his country to have her punished with death penalty for being involved with drugs is simply not true. While PM Najib sang with President Rodrigo Duterte once during the latter’s official visit to Malaysia, he did not comment on De Lima and her arrest. It was merely made up by the website

We also found several hoaxes on, such as stories about Jackie Chan preparing to premiere his Duterte movie in Hollywood, Duterte having a killing spree, De Lima marrying her former driver after rejecting Duterte, ICC hunting Duterte for extrajudicial killings, and more.

Malaysian PM wants to try De Lima
Malaysian PM wants to try De Lima

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