Busted: Lascanas betrayed Trillanes, claimed senator paid him? It’s a misleading title!

Several YouTube videos and online articles had a shocking title about how former police official and self-confessed member of the Davao Death Squad Arturo Lascanas betrayed Senator Antonio Trillanies IV.

It was even shared by pro-Duterte Facebook page “Atty. Rody R. Duterte Supporters.”
Lascanas betrayed Trillanes

Lascanas betrayed Trillanes

Although the article that has gained over a thousand shares on Facebook came from, the video that was in the article was taken down. We had to look for other YouTube videos with the same title to verify its claim and found one.

Lascanas betrayed Trillanes

It should be noted that is one of the fake news sites that Meme Buster has tagged after we found the website sharing several fake stories.
Here are the things that were discussed in the almost 22-minute video:

  • Trillanes asked about the murder of the Patahasa family. Lascanas narrated how Duterte allowed the family to be killed as long as it was done “cleanly” despite having a kid and a pregnant mother killed
  • In Jun Pala’s case, Sonny Buenaventura ordered the killings, although Lascanas added that Duterte asked about the ambush of the late journalist. He also said that he learned that Duterte ordered the killing of the media man, the reason why he was given a P1 million bonus.
  • Lascanas talked about the killing of Charlie Tan, whom he said was the friend of Duterte’s son, Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte.
  • The extent of the involvement or non-involvement of the Davao City Heinous Crime Division.
  • How contract killings by the death squad were conducted under the guise of a legitimate police operation
  • The killing of a victim at a golf course and the explanation of the difference in Lascanas’ and Matobato’s narration
  • Lascanas talked about his “spiritual renewal” during his dialysis, wherein he realized that he could not take his secrets of being involved in DDS to his grave.


It is clear that the title was meant to deceive people because there was no part of the video where Lascanas admitted to receiving payment from Trillanes. In fact, he talked about how it was his realization during dialysis that he needed to confess to his crimes before dying that motivated him to change his tune after denying the existence of DDS last year. It truly is a misleading title meant to shock and hook the readers in.

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