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Busted: Invented quote! Putin did not say he ‘admires’ Duterte or his drug, crime war

A photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin on a Time magazine cover has been making rounds on Facebook, touting a line that showed he “admired” Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.   

Putin Admires Duterte

Days before the ASEAN Summit in Laos, Duterte said he was looking forward to meeting Putin at the summit. “That I look forward to. Gusto ko si Putin. Pareho kami… Baka sa girls,” Duterte told reporters.

Like Duterte, Putin is also outspoken and is known for making firm yet controversial decisions.

The supposed quote from Putin in the viral photo said, “I admire President Duterte, Drug Lords and notorious criminals are not humans, therefore they are not entitled to Human Rights.”

And Duterte’s supporters agreed with the said quote and hailed Duterte for getting praised by someone like Putin.

[50_50_first]Putin Admires Duterte[/50_50_first][50_50_second]
Putin Admires Duterte[/50_50_second]

However, Putin’s original Time magazine cover looks like this:

Putin Admires Duterte

And it was published in 2007.

It also doesn’t have a quote from Putin praising Duterte. Google it and see if Putin’s name pops up. When it does, those links all lead to the blogs about the same photoshopped magazine cover.

And if you pay attention to the photoshopped quote, there were so many mistakes in it, starting with the use of capital letters at the wrong places. Time magazine will surely not make such blunders on their cover.

One Duterte supporter tried to correct his fellow supporters by showing the original photo, while reminding the others not to post lies on the Duterte fan page. According to him, Duterte “doesn’t need praises from other leaders” as long as his supporters are there for him.

Putin Admires Duterte

Quotes and memes were also invented before, especially during the election campaign, with the most serious being the false quote supposedly from Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, which endorses Duterte for the presidency. Singapore even sought legal advice over the fake endorsement. This should have taught Filipino netizens a lesson, but it seemed like many of us haven’t learned as much.

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