#MarcosMagbayadKa trends after Imelda’s death hoax, distribution of Marcos victims’ partial compensation

On May 8, #MarcosMagbayadKa trended on Twitter after the first batch of Martial Law victims claimed their partial compensation. It also happened after the erroneous tweet of Cavite Rep. Lani Mercado sending her condolences to the Marcos family for the alleged death of the former First Lady Imelda Marcos.
The compensation was distributed among around 4,000 people, the first batch of victims of the Marcos regime, who were partially compensated on Monday for the violation of their rights during martial law. It was given after the Human Rights Victims’ Claims Board (HRVCB) approved the victims’ claims, a year before the board’s mandate expires on May 12, 2018.

However, distributing the compensation doesn’t mean closure for the victims.

Executive director Zenaida Mique of Claimants 1081, one of the groups of martial law victims seeking compensation, said that there is still the need to educate the Filipinos about the horrors of the Marcos regime, especially now when the Marcoses are trying to make a political comeback.
“Someone should be held accountable for the grave sins they have committed against the people,” said Danilo de la Fuente, one of the claimants and spokesperson for the Samahan ng Ex-Detainees Laban sa Detensyon at Aresto (Selda).

“Because the culture of impunity has prevailed. Up to now, there’s nothing. The Marcoses up to now, they’re still grinning like dogs,” he added.

de la Fuente said that their fight against the Marcoses is far from over.

“There’s no closure yet. They [the Marcoses] have to be held accountable and stopped from returning to Malacañang,” he said.

And the Twitterverse agrees with him as #MarcosMagbayadKa trended on Twitter.

@TMPRMNTLBRAT wanted those who are still in denial of the Marcos’ abuses to take note of the partial compensation that was distributed to the martial law victims.

The same Twitter user also slammed the fact that only partial compensation was given.

@AnnMG51 tweeted a meme comparing former Senator Bongbong Marcos’ potential reaction when he’s asked to pay what his family owes to the Filipino people.

When Rappler tweeted a video of Imelda saying that she is still alive after Mercado-Revilla’s erroneous tweet about her supposed death, @DidibuR79 said that it’s good news because the former First Lady would then have time to pay for her sins and return their stolen money to the Filipinos.

@noelledeg tweeted that since Imelda’s still alive, she should pay, while @jdsalinger said that her death isn’t enough payment at all.

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