Busted: ICC issued warrant of arrest vs. Duterte? It’s a hoax!

Facebook page “World Express” shared news of the International Crime Court (ICC) issuing an arrest for President Rodrigo Duterte due to police brutalities.

 ICC Warrant of Arrest vs Duterte

Upon clicking the link, however, we were redirected to, wherein no traces of the article can be found, as it is a website for creating domains in the web.

Although, we believe that they were trying to share similar news from and


ICC Warrant of Arrest vs Duterte


ICC Warrant of Arrest vs Duterte


The reports claim that the ICC in Hague, Netherlands put out an arrest warrant for the President of the Philippines over the numerous killings of Filipinos as a consequence of the government’s anti-drug campaign.


This warrant of arrest means that if Duterte were to travel outside of the country, ICC can arrest him anytime as long as the country has ratified the ICC convention.

The UN has issued several warnings to Duterte but he ignored these and continued to support police activities. The president’s legal counsel reiterates their stand that Duterte has committed no crimes for merely killing suspects.

An anonymous law professor allegedly said, “These are just suspects and they have not been tried in any court of law. You cannot just go around killing them. He is abusing his presidential powers. No one supports drug trades. We are all interested in helping the fight the menace but that does not give anyone the privilege to lives without a proper trial. Duterte must be arrested.”

Both websites, on the other hand, are known for making up fake news such as Trump sending a private jet to fetch Duterte to seek advice, Duterte being honored by UN as “World Anti-Terrorism Ambassador,” and others.


On the other hand, Kabayan Party-list Rep. Harry Roque, who is the only ICC-accredited lawyer in the Philippines, stated in his interview before that the ICC will not be able to prosecute Duterte without being able to verify that the Philippines is “unable or unwilling to investigate” as well as prove that these crimes were performed as “part of a widespread or systematic attack against a civilian population.”

Hence, it is still premature news to say that the president will be tried in the ICC.

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