I will protect you, just don’t shit with me – Duterte tells cops

President Rodrigo Duterte once again emphasizes that he will give protection to the police and will remain on their side throughout the on-going war on drugs as long as the police remains true to him in return.

This was said by the President through a speech he gave for the 80th founding anniversary of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in Manila.

“I had to believe the story of the police because they are my subordinates and I am responsible for their deeds… Ako yung chief… What they do is my ultimate responsibility,” Duterte said.

“Alangan naming maniwala ako doon sa mga p***. Sino paniwalaan ko, yung mga pulis ko, NBI ko, o sila?” he added.


The President also said that he believed the police version of the incident, which led to the killing of Albuera Mayor Ronaldo Espinosa Sr. inside a Leyte Jail. Espinosa and another inmate were shot dead inside his cell when he allegedly tried to fight it out with the policemen who came to deliver search warrants for firearms and illegal drugs.

Some senators believed that the incident was “premeditated” but President Duterte still puts his trust on his police.

“Let me state my case as the chief executive of the executive branch: I believe in the version of the police. If they have evidence to prove otherwise, then a case should be filed against the police,” Duterte said on Friday when he arrived from Malaysia.

Duterte then guaranteed the policemen that they should not be worried as long as they remain truthful to him and fulfill their duties.


“If you do your duty you don’t have to worry, I will believe your story. I will protect you. Just tell me the truth so I know how to present the truth to the public. Just do not shit with me. Sabihin mo sa akin ang totoo lalo na sa trabaho. Don’t go into extortion and kidnapping under my term. You do it, patayin kita,” Duterte said.

“I believe the police because they are my subordinates—people whom I ordered to operate. Kaya eto sila, poproktektahan ko. Kaya if somebody has to go to jail, it has to be me. I will assume full legal responsibility.”

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