How other countries buried their dictators

6. Pol Pot (Cambodia) 

Buried in a simple grave covered with a tin roof surrounded by a wooden pen.

How Countries Buried their Dictators

7. Idi Amin (Uganda) 

Buried in a simple grave  in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, not in his own country.


8. Mobutu Sese Seko (DR Congo) 

Died in exile and was buried quietly at a Christian cemetery in Morocco .

9. Saddam Hussein (Iraq) 

Interred in a tomb in his birthplace, but tomb was destroyed before locals reportedly moved his remains to a place far from his enemies

10. Nicolae Ceausescu (Romania) 

Buried in a simple grave with his wife’s remains in Bucharest, Romania.

How Countries Buried their Dictators
image credit: Bo Lovschall

11. Adolf Hitler (Germany) 

His and his wife’s remains were moved around several times before being burned, piled into ashes, and dumped into the Ehle River without any witness or ceremony, according to secret Stalin files .

12. Muammar Gaddafi (Libya) 

Buried in an unmarked grave at dawn in an unknown location, a deeply guarded secret, to avoid creating a shrine for his supporters or a target for his enemies.

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