EU Parliament calls for end to PH killings; Duterte hits back, calls them ‘idiots’

President Rodrigo Duterte addressed the European Parliament (EP) on Monday, September 19, calling them “idiots” after the international body called for a stop to the killings in the Philippines.

“Mga EU, mga ulol, dami niyong kasalanan sa kapwa niyong tao,” Duterte said during a speech before the survivors of the Davao City bombing on September 2.

This statement came after the EP condemned the death toll in the Philippines, which has reached at least 3,000 dead.

On September 15, the members of the EP voted on a resolution expressing concern over the drug problem in the Philippines and the thousands killed in the crackdown against drugs.

“Drug trafficking and drug abuse in the Philippines remain a serious national and international concern, note MEPs. They understand that millions of people are hurt by the high level of drug addiction and its consequences in the country but are also concerned by the ‘extraordinarily high numbers killed during police operations in the context of an intensified anti-crime and anti-drug campaign,’” said the EP in a statement.

The MEPs also called the Philippine government to investigate these killings and to follow “specific, comprehensive policies and programs” in compliance with national and international norms and respect for human rights.

The same resolution also showed the MEPs condolences to the victims of the Davao city bombing, which killed at least 15 people and hurt some 60 others.

The international body also urged the delegation to “monitor carefully” the Philippines under a state of lawlessness declared after the bombing.

The MEPs called for a stop to the vigilantes, a probe into the extrajudicial killings, and a prosecution for all those responsible in the killings. They also urged the Philippines not to bring back the death penalty, adding that the country is one of the pioneers in abolishing the capital punishment in Asia.

The full text of the EP resolution on Philippines can be found here.


Stick to agenda

Duterte said he will continue to focus on his campaign to suppress illegal drugs and crime despite the Senate hearings and calls from international bodies to stop the killings in the Philippines.

“I don’t care if there are a thousand hearings everywhere. Naka-focus lang ako sa trabaho ko. I will not stop until I shall have exterminated them, patayin ko talaga mga drug lords,” said Duterte.

“I will stick to my own agenda. Congress, they have their own show. Go ahead, be my guest. Ako, nakatutok ako doon sa pangako,” Duterte added.

He also hit back at the United Nations and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

“Whether magpuntahan si Bank Ki-moon dito, I do not give a shit because I have a promise to the Filipino who elected me as president,” said Duterte.

“I will deliver. Maski ‘yung buong UN magpunta dito, tumabi kayo diyan. I was elected because of this,” Duterte said.

Despite criticisms from global bodies, Duterte insisted that he only orders the killing of drug suspects if they fight the police.

“I will kill you if I have to – ‘I have to’ means lumaban ka. Hindi mo na kailangang sabihin sa pulis ‘yan,” he said.

He added that he was only threatening the criminals. “If you do not stop your business there, I will kill you. Is there any law that will make it unlawful for me to threaten criminals?”

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