Busted: Duterte to have all Filipino’s tested for drugs and kill off those who test positive? It’s fake news

Facebook user Gerry Ajul Salapuddin shared news of Duterte doing a blood test for drugs on all Filipinos with an order to kill those who test positive. Salapuddin is a former congressman and governor of Basilan.

Duterte Filipinos Tested for Drugs

According to the article, President Rodrigo Duterte has announced that a nationwide drug test will be held for all Filipinos as well as foreign nationals who are currently residing in the Philippines.


This test is in line with the president’s actions in cracking down drug lords and guaranteeing drug law enforcement in the country.

For all citizens who test positive, Duterte has ordered to kill them “under 24 hours by gunshots.”

With the president turning a deaf ear to the warnings and pleas from UN as well as the Filipinos on extrajudicial killings, he has decided to take the laws into his own hands, the article said.


The article also mentioned that the International Criminal Courts in Hague are expecting Duterte in order to answer all questions on the ongoing mass killings committed by the police to exterminate all suspected drug dealers.

However, said article was sourced from The Guard1an, which is included in our list of fake and satire sites.

Duterte Filipinos Tested for Drugs

Here’s their About Us page, which proves that they are only posting articles for entertainment, not for releasing genuine news.

Duterte Filipinos Tested for Drugs

As of current, there are no news of Duterte giving this decree or having a set appointment with the ICC as he often speaks out his desire to withdraw from it.

This is not the first time Salapuddin shared fake news, though. We busted hoaxes that he has shared, such as the one about Senator Manny Pacquiao giving $5 million to support Duterte’s drug war and the article about Samsung launching Galaxy phones with Duterte’s name on them.

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