Duterte tells investors worried about his ‘dirty’ mouth to leave; he’ll go to China, Russia instead

In his speech in Cagayan de Oro this Thursday, September 22, President Rodrigo Duterte continues to be unfazed by his critics as he asserts that his “mouth is not the problem” and that critics should stop complaining about his manner of speaking.

“Ang issue ditto hindi ang bunganga ko. And they are saying the ratings sa business, economy. Eh ‘di so be it. Lumayas kayo. Then we can start on our own. I can go to China. I can go to Russia. I had a talk with them. They are waiting for me. So what the hell,” Duterte said.

This statement is to retort the claims that investors are apprehensive over the current political condition which makes it almost impossible for the Philippines to advance, as reported by credit rating agency Standard & Poor (S&P) Global Ratings.

International investors are concerned over the possibility of “diplomatic complications and short-term law and order issues on the ground,” as S&P had stated in the Asia-Pacific Economic Snapshots September 2016 issue.

The cause of such concerns are Duterte’s endless tirades filled with profanities against critics, which includes the United Nations, the European Union, and the United States, making it into headlines all over the world.

The President could care less, however, about credit ratings and constant criticisms coming from various high-ranking officials, such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein who disapproved of Duterte’s “empowering police forces to shoot to kill any individual whom they claim to suspect of drug crimes, with or without evidence.”

Duterte retorts to criticisms made by human rights advocates making use of his tough talk stating that, “There is no law at all [that stops anyone from threatening criminals]. Mind you, Human Rights Commission, tarantado pala kayo, there has to be a law.”

The President notes that investors can leave the country if they want because he’s ready to deal with China and Russia, even declaring that he has been having talks with both.

Duterte claims that his mouth “cannot bring down a country” and we hope to God he’s right on this.

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