Busted: Duterte, Pacquiao to give jobless Pinoys allowances? Totally made up story!

A Duterte supporter shared an article about how President Rodrigo Duterte and Senator Manny Pacquiao are going to give unemployed Filipinos allowances. She even captioned it as the “best news ever.”

Duterte Pacquiao give pinoy allowances

At first look, you might not notice anything wrong with the post. The post even looked like it came from ABS-CBN. But if you click the link, it will lead you to “Telegraph.” Look at the URL and the article is actually published by “”

The article claimed that Duterte and Pacquiao “have combined resources” to give monthly allowances to jobless Filipinos until they get hired. Each one would receive P7,000 per month, as per the Universal Basic Income pilot project, the article added. This is set to cover the Filipinos’ food, personal hygiene, and clothing needs while they look for a new job.

Duterte launched the project to fight drugs, according to the article, adding that by giving allowances to the unemployed, it would also reduce “illegal immigration” among the Filipinos.


The “About Us” page of the site is empty. But if you look at the other articles published by the site, they do have a few made-up stories. One example would be their article “Duterte to Resign as President of the Philippines After Hit Man Testifies He Ordered Killings.” But this article is not true at all!

Yet another made-up story posted by this site is this one – “WOW: Floyd Mayweather Visits Manny Pacquiao in Philippines | He Meets Duterte on Tuesday.” This was published in September 12, but no such thing happened on that day, a Tuesday.

We noticed how the Facebook page “News Updates” related to is also linked to, which is a noted satirical blog. This only makes the posts by te1egraph even more questionable.

If you also Google about whether Duterte and Pacquaio did start giving allowances to the jobless Filipinos, you will not find anything in there from credible sources and major news sites. So no, no matter how great this piece of news would have been, it is just completely made up.

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