Busted: Duterte to give senior citizens free movie privileges? It’s a misleading title!

Another piece of good news? President Rodrigo Duterte allegedly showed his love for the elderly as he provided free movie privileges to senior citizens with the Senior Citizens Free Movie Privilege Act, claimed the article.

It has been shared on Facebook by pages like “Ronald ‘Bato’ Dela Rosa,” “Duterte Global News,” and “Rodrigo Duterte Lines,” among others.

Duterte Senior Citizens Free Movie Privileges
Duterte Senior Citizens Free Movie Privileges

Duterte Senior Citizens Free Movie Privileges

The articles they shared were published by and, although it turned out the former also sourced its content from the latter.


What we read from the article, though did not mention anything about Duterte being the one pushing for free movie privileges for senior citizens. Instead, it was Senator Win Gatchalian who turned out to be filing Senate Bill No. 1265 (Senior Citizens Free Movie Privilege Act) to entitle citizens who are 60 years old and above to a free movie pass once per week. One good example would be Quezon City that granted free admission to seniors with the help of the National Cinema Association of the Philippines (NCAP).

Gatchalian said that the DSWD will work with the Cinema Owners and Operators to give this privilege, adding that some cities have already provided such a privilege to the elderly.


“In gratitude for everything our Senior Citizens have done for their families and for our country, they deserve this additional source of joy and leisure during the tranquil autumn of their lives,” Gatchalian said. cited “Newswatch” as its source.

Duterte Senior Citizens Free Movie Privileges

However, we found out that the article has been plagiarized from Manila Standard, “Gatchalian wants free movies for all seniors.”

The blogs simply changed the title to give the props to President Duterte instead of Senator Gatchalian for trying to give the elderly Filipinos the chance to relax in a movie at least once a week.

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