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Busted: #DollarParaKayLeni launched in San Francisco? It’s a satirical piece!

Some netizens are bashing Vice President Leni Robredo for allegedly collecting dollars for her fundraising campaign to shoulder the cost of her electoral protest versus former Senator Bongbong Marcos.

They accused Robredo of making a business out of the fundraising campaign, calling her thick skinned for doing so, and cursing her for this alleged activity from her camp.

Someone even threatened Robredo’s life.

However, the story is a satirical one from Adobo Chronicles.
While it is true that Robredo’s supporters have launched a fundraising campaign called Piso Para sa Laban ni Leni, it is not true that her supporters launched #DollarParaKayLeni in San Francisco with a goal of P15 million.

Again, let’s remember Adobo Chronicles’ format in helping readers distinguish fact from fiction. Those written in Italics are fact while those in regular font are fiction.

Now, let’s look at Adobo Chronicles article on #DollarParaKayLeni.

This part is in Italics, reflecting them to be facts.

However, the part where claims about #DollarParaKayLeni are written are already in regular font, which meant those claims are fictional.

Adobo Chronicles is a satirical site that combines fact and fiction, but its new format should be more than enough to help readers know which is which to avoid reacting to and spreading fake news, or in this case, making threats over Robredo’s life, since there is no #DollarParaKayLeni campaign in the US.

Reports on July 20 showed that the real fundraising campaign for Robredo, Piso Para sa Laban ni Leni, has already collected P4 million after 22 days. Out of P15.4 million that the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) ordered her to pay, Robredo has already paid P8 million with the help of relatives in early May.

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