Doctors should speak out against drug killings, follow ‘do no harm’ oath – psychiatrist

Doctors are urged to speak out against the killings linked to President Rodrigo Duterte’s war against drugs, according to a psychiatrist.

Dr. Ana Junia has a message to all the doctors who support the administration’s method of campaigning against drugs.

Junia considered remaining silent as rendering a doctor responsible for the killings, too.

“This is indefensible. This is wrong. If you are not speaking out against this I recommend some soul searching. If you are a doctor and you are not speaking out against this, then by remaining silent, you will be complicit in the murder of 3 million,” Junia said in her message, as reposted by Facebook user Tina Cuyugan.

“If you are a doctor and you are for this, then your actions need to be reviewed by an ethics review board. You should lose your right to practice if your solution to drug addiction is murder,” Junia added.

She added that evil only grows if no one speaks out against it, adding that murder is evil.


Junia also insisted that killing is not the solution to substance abuse, adding that doctors, of all people, should realize this and follow their oath.

“We are doctors. What happened to our oath? First do no harm, remember?!” Junia said.

She also called for the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) and the Philippine Psychiatric Association (PPA) to denounce the killings.

“I encourage every MD I know to speak out against this and educate people about substance abuse. Substance abuse is an illness. People addicted to drugs need treatment,” she asked.

Junia said that doctors should know all this, adding that she does not care about politics.

“Do drug dependent patients deserve to be murdered for their illness? If your answer is no, then speak out against this madness. If your answer is yes, then you don’t deserve the privilege of being a healer,” Junia said.


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