Busted: De Lima said Filipinos must be grateful to her for not making PH “hell”? It’s a hoax!

Senator Leila De Lima has become one controversial lady for her alleged involvement with drugs and for making herself a staunch opposition of the current administration of President Rodrigo Duterte. Several issues, genuine and fake, have been thrown against her.


An article with a title “De Lima: Filipinos must be grateful to me. If not for me, this nation would be a ‘living in hell.’”

But has De Lima really claimed that the Filipinos owed her?

We went to investigate and found that an article from has since received almost 2,000 shares since it was posted two weeks ago.

Filipinos must be grateful

We also found the same story, although picked up by other blogs, being shared by different Duterte fan pages on Facebook, such as “Duterte News Global,” “Pres. Duterte Para sa Tunay na Pagbabago,” and “Duterte Media.”

Filipinos must be grateful
Filipinos must be grateful

Filipinos must be grateful

According to the article from Aljazeera-channel, which obviously tried to imitate, De Lima praised herself for continually making the Philippine government under Duterte’s administration accountable for its actions. She allegedly said that if it wasn’t for her “constructive criticism” of the government, human rights and human values would have been violated and the country would have become a “living hell” for the Filipinos.

Filipinos must be grateful


The article also noted how De Lima called Duterte a “fake idol and false messiah,” which is true. The senator has uttered such words against Duterte in support of the pastoral letter from the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) criticizing the government’s deadly war against drugs.

However, the claim about De Lima saying Filipinos should be thankful to her is not true at all.

When we checked the other articles on the site, we found several other fake news in it, such as De Lima saying she is asthmatic so she cannot be confined in a prison cell, Fil-Am civic leader Loida Nicolas-Lewis asking the Justice Department more time to search for a lawyer for De Lima, and De Lima’s son allegedly saying that he wants to be arrested, too, together with his mother.

Filipinos must be grateful

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