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Busted: De Lima rushed to hospital after suicide attempt in prison? HOAX alert!

Has Senator Leila De Lima committed suicide in her prison cell?

This is what an online article claimed as the reason why the incarcerated senator was said to have been rushed to the hospital.


Facebook page “Ang Bayan Ko” shared an article about how De Lima has been hospitalized after her suicide attempt.

De Lima suicide attempt

The report turned out to be published by, a website that we have busted a few times before.

De Lima suicide attempt

According to the article, an unnamed PNP official has revealed that she was taken to the hospital “this morning,” something that we could not determine, given how the article was published without a date.

A “close source” told the website’s reporter that the senator tried to hang herself in her cell and is now “closely monitored” with “tight and heavy security.”


However, this is fake news! De Lima and her lawyers have been quite busy with her case, specifically in appealing to the Supreme Court on February 27 to stop her “illegal” arrest, citing the judge’s grave abuse of discretion and lack of jurisdiction.

On Tuesday, February 28, Atty. Alex Padilla, De Lima’s lawyer, said in an interview with ANC’s Headstart that they are mulling filing an administrative case against Judge Juanita Guerrero of RTC Branch 204, who issued the warrant of arrest against the senator.

There was no news about De Lima’s suicide attempt at all!

This kind of fake story coming from a fake news website like is not exactly surprising. It has published hoaxes before, such as Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez responding to President Rodrigo Duterte’s criticism of the former Colombian president, De Lima threatening to make the Philippines ungovernable for Duterte, and Jinkee Pacquaio dying in a robbery attack.

Moreover, this story about a suicide attempt isn’t the first one involving De Lima. Meme Buster also busted an earlier hoax story claiming the same thing back in September 2016.

De Lima did not attempt to commit suicide or get hospitalized because of this. It is a fake news report meant to stir netizens who felt strongly about the senator.

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