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Busted: De Lima IS NOT resigning as a Senator, unlike the claim of misleading blog titles



Facebook page “Showbiz Government” shared on July 21 a blog with a title saying, “Sen. De Lima, gusto mag resign pero pinigilan daw sya ng mamayan.”

De Lima Resigning As Senator

As of writing, the Facebook post has earned 10,000 reactions, 1,600 shares, and 2,600 comments. It has truly gone viral.

Many of the comments were not that kind towards the senator, clearly reacting to blog title.

Comments on De Lima Resigning As Senator

But does this mean that what the blog claimed about de Lima, based on its title, is true?

If you click on the link to the blog, you’d be directed to a page bearing no other content except a YouTube video that lasts for 12 minutes and 5 seconds. It is actually a clip of de Lima’s interview with Howie Severino of the GMA news program “News to Go” while she was still campaigning for a Senate seat. Take note of the date during which the video was uploaded. It was on March 10, 2016, in the middle of the campaign.


The things she talked about in the senatorial interview with Severino included the following points:

  • High profile cases filed against government officials when she served as Justice Secretary
  • The progress in dealing with the Mamasapano encounter that led to the death of SAF 44
  • Accusations about ‘selective justice’, which de Lima defended, saying that DOJ and NBI investigated everyone, regardless of ‘political color’
  • Whether Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. should ask for apology to the human rights victims during Martial Law
  • Her relationship with Iglesia ni Cristo
  • Possible first bill if she gets elected as senator – speed up and simplify the criminal investigation process and ways to strengthen case build up
  • Her opinions on death penalty, same sex marriage, divorce, Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL)
  • Her stress busters

Obviously, she was campaigning for one of the 12 senatorial seats for the May 9 elections, which she won. The blog was already deceiving readers at this point when it did not offer any other content aside from the video of de Lima’s interview as an aspiring senator then.

The title was plainly made to become an incendiary material that will trigger people to react, taking advantage of the fact that many netizens usually don’t care about the content since they simply read the title and type out their comments.

Another point of deception that the blog made was the fact that it was obviously referring to de Lima’s alleged desire to resign as a senator, seeing as how the title called her “Senator de Lima.” If you also take the time to look for news about de Lima, there was nothing about her resigning as a Senator. In fact, the latest news about her had her saying that she is not backing down from her senatorial duties despite the attacks against her, particularly those linking her to illegal drugs.

A GMA News Online report on July 21 quoted her saying, “You will be frustrated. While I have been patient with all the attacks, I will never be intimidated. Rather, I will remain steadfast in fulfilling my sworn duty as Senator to uphold the Constitution and human rights.”

As a part of that duty, de Lima filed Senate Resolution 9 on July 13 to urge the Senate to investigate the extrajudicial killings and summary executions of suspected drug users and pushers.

To clarify things, de Lima is not resigning, is not thinking of resigning, and is pushing through with her duties as a Senator.


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Busted: Richard Gomez shares fake news claiming Queen Elizabeth II called Duterte a brave man



Actor and now Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez shared a fake story from an altervista blog claiming that British monarch Queen Elizabeth II called Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte a “brave man.”

Bearing the title, “Queen Elizabeth: Who Would Have Thought That One Day Philippines Will Get Such a Brave Man Like Duterte?” the blog noted that it was from the BBC Channel. However, the blog that published it was, which has also been suspended.

However, it should be noted that the blog that published the fake story was was, which is already suspended.


Gomez shared the post on Twitter on February 21 and it has since caught the attention of the netizens who called him out for sharing fake news.

MemeBuster already busted that story in November 2016. The story was then carried by, which is now inactive.

Read more about our story debunking the fake news here.

Several Twitter users called out Gomez for spreading fake news.

Someone urged him to be responsible in sharing news.

Others advised him to check the legitimacy of the news source before sharing.

Gomez was also slammed by netizens when he falsely claimed that the Centenarian Law was signed by President Rodrigo Duterte. The said law was actually signed by former President Benigno Aquino III on June 13, 2016, a week before his term ended.

MemeBuster has listed as one of the fake news sites that used the trick of mimicking the URL of established media sources.


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Busted: Netizens hit Marcos fan page for old misleading meme about Trump allowing Filipinos visa-free entry to US



In February 2017, fan page “Marcos Corner” posted a meme claiming that US President Donald Trump signed an executive order to allow Filipinos to enter America without a visa.

The meme even said, “Good news for Filipinos…! Thank you President Trump!”

At first look, you’d think the meme was a genuine screenshot from a CNN breaking news story announcing “President Trump signs executive order to allow Filipino citizens to enter America without a visa.”

The Marcos Corner’s admin wrote, “Salute US President.”

“If this is true…. Ayan mga kapwa ko Pinoy. Favor na sa inyo iyan…. #ThanksTrump,” the admin added in a Facebook post on February 10, 2017.

While Marcos Corner posted the meme in February last year, we noticed how it was revived just a few days ago. As of writing, the meme has been shared over 32,000 times. While many of the recent shares showed people being curious about whether the meme’s claim is true or not, some of them just shared the meme without saying anything, making more room for confusion.

There were commenters who rejoiced over the said news.

However, there were also many commenters who called out the Facebook page’s admin for spreading fake news and causing more confusion among the netizens.

The commenters above are right, though. This meme on Trump signing documents that were claimed to be an executive order to give Filipinos visa-free entry to the US is fake.


MemeBuster has debunked that same photo before when it was first shared in February 2017 by various Facebook pages. We found out that the photo of Trump that was used was actually taken as a screenshot of the live coverage by CNN of the time when the American president signed an EO repealing Obamacare.

There has been no EO from Trump giving Filipinos visa-free entry to his country. In fact, it has been reported recently that Trump wanted to revive the campaign to limit immigrants from bringing their family to the US.

When confronted about the fake news the page “Marcos Corner” was spreading about the Trump and visa for Filipinos, the admin of the page defended themselves by pointing out how they included the phrase “if this is true.”

By including that phrase in their Facebook post, it showed that the admins of the Facebook page was not 100 percent sure about the information that they shared in the first place. And they were right to doubt it because Trump’s photo that was simply pushed online in the meme with misleading texts was really a fake.

Moreover, the list of 63 countries that offer visa-free access to Filipinos does not include the US.

The US’ visa waiver program that allows foreigners to travel to their country for business or tourism for as long as 90 days without getting a visa only includes 38 countries. The Philippines was not included in that list.

Sources: ( , )


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Busted: Trillanes nagsabing handa siyang mamatay katulad ni Ninoy Aquino para sa bansa? It’s a misleading headline!



Pro-Duterte supporters mocked Senator Antonio Trillanes IV for allegedly saying that he is ready to die for our freedom.

Trillanes, a staunch critic of President Rodrigo Duterte, has been the subject of harsh online comments by Duterte supporters.

In the link shared and commented by many of these supporters however, one will be directed to a prompt saying that the blog has been suspended for violations of community rules.

Websites could be flagged for a variety of reasons such as spammy contents, violence, pornography, and more commonly, inappropriate contents. Ever since the issue of online trolls and bashers hounded the Philippines, several websites have been flagged for posting contents that are meant only to direct users to a page despite the content being totally unrelated to the title.

The other article shared by, which shares the same title proves to be nothing but a clickbait because the content talks about the meeting of President Duterte and the parents of slain teenager Kian Delos Santos.

Comments made by Duterte supporters range from mockery to direct threats. Name calling is also very noticeable in the comments. Some of the commenters called Trillanes a traitor. In the same breath, they compared Trillanes with slain former Sen. Aquino, whom they referred to as a traitor as well.


The story was picked up by blogs with names such as,,,,,, and more.

The posts were spread widely by different Facebook pages that support the president, such as “Pres. Duterte Community” and “Duterte for a Change,” and even by the page of the supporters of Special Assistant to the President Bong Go, among others. Facebook page “Time News Information,” bearing President Duterte’s photo, also shared the story.

Some netizens shared the link to the story to Facebook groups such as “Marcos Loyalist” and “President Rody Duterte Facebook Army.”

But just like with the case with, the content was not relevant to the headline at all.

If one would do a quick search, no reliable source quoted Trillanes for saying that he is prepared to die for the freedom of the country.

The post circulated at the height of the national call for justice for slain teenager Kian Delos Santos who was allegedly killed helplessly and brutally by members of Caloocan Police.

Trillanes visited the wake of Delos Santos and spoke to the parents of the 17-year-old. He condemned the brutal killing of the teen.

“Last year pa natin ipinagsisigawan na mali ito. Kung hindi pa sila nahuli ng CCTV camera at nag-alburuto pa yung mamamayan, tuloy-tuloy na ito at hindi ito hihinto,” he was quoted by ABS-CBN News.

The death of Delos Santos has been a big issue that also caught the interest of international media.

A senate hearing was also held to investigate the death of Delos Santos.


Source: ( ABS CBN News )


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