De Lima cries harassment and persecution after House inquiry revealed her phone number

On last Tuesday’s House inquiry, Senator Leila De Lima’s cellphone number and home address was revealed to the public as a result of convict Herbert Colangco’s probing.

During the probe, he was asked to reveal the number of the person he had discussed payoffs with last January 2014, which he allegedly stated to be none other than De Lima. After the revelation, it has been confirmed that the number is indeed the Senator’s, along with a few verifications coming from members of the House.


Due to the House probe being aired publicly on national television and several news websites, De Lima is now put in a central position on allegations regarding the proliferation of illegal drug trade in the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) during the time she served as justice secretary. This has resulted to the Senator receiving around 2,000 text messages and phone calls, as of 8 P.M. Tuesday, from unknown numbers filled with threats and harassment.

De Lima now questions the House for letting her number be revealed, destroying her very right to privacy and security and which leads her to boldly state that, “They are making me into an example of what will happen to those who dare criticize and call out the abuses of those in power. Who would dare stand up for others now? The real victim here is the people, the oppressed.”

Although sufficient evidence is yet to be provided to prove the allegations correct, people are quick to conclude that De Lima is guilty even before she can prove her innocence – which, unfortunately, seems to be the trend in our country today.

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