Busted: De Lima confirmed dating married driver but said no to Duterte’s proposal? Another FAKE!

“Sen. De Lima confirms dating married driver; denying Duterte’s proposal,” or at least that’s what a few articles that have been circulating on Facebook claimed.

The articles said that Senator Leila de Lima “boldly confirmed” that she is going out with her married driver a few days after Duterte’s revelation of her being an “immoral woman.” The lady senator reportedly said that she never wanted to hide anything; she just wanted to focus on her work against drugs.

The articles also claimed that de Lima said no to the president’s proposal, which had Duterte monitoring her love life. They even quoted the senator telling the president, “Stop being jealous and stop abusing the presidential power.”

Here are some of the fake articles from several satirical blogs that we found on Facebook.

De Lima Confirmed Dating is different from the news portal The former is “an online satirical blog” with a “mission to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress and promote intelligence.”

Site Disclaimer on De Lima Confirmed Dating

Here’s the article published by another satire site. Philippinestar’s article actually led to

 De Lima Confirmed Dating

And Onetainment is another online satirical blog.

Their mission? “To be equal opportunity piss-takers” and “to mock absolutely everyone.”

Site About Page on De Lima Confirmed Dating

Site About Page on De Lima Confirmed Dating

And another version of the article from yet another satirical blog,

De Lima Confirmed Dating

According to their disclaimer, Mframa is a Philippine-based satire news site that posts made-up stories.

Site Disclaimer on De Lima Confirmed Dating

Just look at the headlines under Mframa. Are they even believable?

Duterte fake news

But what’s alarming is that it seems like some people believed it.

Comments on De Lima Confirmed Dating

While it’s true that Duterte earlier called de Lima an “immoral woman” for having an affair with her married driver, the senator did not confirm anything in detail and she certainly did not claim that Duterte wanted to date her. De Lima even deemed Duterte’s move as ‘foul’ and a clear case of ‘character assassination.’

The best way not to fall for these satire news is to think critically about just how plausible the articles’ claims are. It won’t hurt to do a little research, too, before commenting and sharing anything online.

Sources: (,

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