Busted: Duterte to pay Filipinos universal basic salary? Not true at all!

A Facebook page with the name “No Visa, No Fees” posted an article about President Rodrigo Duterte’s supposed plan to pay all Filipinos a Universal Basic Salary in September 2016.

Duterte to Pay Filipinos Basic Salary

The article has been published several months back as well as the Facebook post. It was posted by the website, which has been proven to be a satirical website.

Duterte to Pay Filipinos Basic Salary

According to the article, the Philippines was set to adopt the Universal Basic Income project by September 2016. This project aims to provide unemployed Filipinos an amount of P7,000 monthly to cover for their basic needs.


The article claims that President Duterte wants to implement this program as one of his ways to fight drugs with the reasoning that there will be fewer people who would have to turn to drug peddling due to not having any income.

However, contrary to the claim of the article that the project was set to launch last September 2016, there is no news about the program being implemented in the country.

There had been a few talks about the adaptation of the Universal Basic Income program in the Philippines. In fact, columnist Teddy Locsin Jr. discussed about his opinion on Universal Basic Income in the Philippines just this January 2017. Despite these small talks among people about the potential of this program, the Duterte administration is yet to speak up about it.


This program was developed by Basic Income Earth Network or BIEN (which is the Spanish word for “good”). The idea behind the program is rather simple. It aims to provide unemployed citizens with a regular income, a safety net, which can help them in their basic needs and in finding a stable job. Finland has already successfully implemented this program while India also announced that they are also planning to endorse this program in their country soon.

As for, Meme Buster has already busted several articles from the website, such as self-confessed hitman Edgar Matobato admitting that he was lying, Senator Manny Pacquiao giving Duterte $5 million to support the drug war, the UK Parliament endorsing Duterte’s drug war, and more.

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