Busted: Bagong Thai Prime Minister pinuri si Duterte? Fake news!

Facebook page “Duterte News Online” announced a piece of good news to their fellow solid Diehard Duterte Supporters (DDS) – the new Thailand Prime Minister allegedly praised President Rodrigo Duterte and even called him “my father.” Hmmm… Sounds familiar?

Thai Prime Minister Pinuri si Duterte

That’s because we have already busted a story similar to this, but the title of that fake article pointed to the newly crowned Thailand king and not their prime minister. Read more on “Busted: Does new Thai king call Duterte ‘my father’? It’s a FAKE STORY!


When we checked the story shared by the Duterte fan page, which was published by, we found out that it is exactly the same as the previous hoax that we busted. It’s just that this time, the fake news sites changed the title of the article. This does not change the fact, though, that they are making a false claim.


Unfortunately, the fake article victimized so many netizens, seeing as how it has been shared 1,097 times and reacted to 1,700 times, as of writing.

The comments also showed just how much they believed the hoax.

Thai Prime Minister Pinuri si Duterte

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