Ateneo school paper reports cop visited anti-EJK rally, asked for protest leaders’ names

In a Facebook post on August 24, Ateneo de Manila University’s school publication reported a police car with a missing license plate visiting the anti-extrajudicial killing rally organized at the university to protest the killings in the government’s war on drugs.

The Guidon wrote that the police car arrived at Gate 2.5 and asked for the names of the rally organizers.

“Two policemen attempted to speak to faculty attendees, and have reportedly asked for the names of the leaders of the mobilization,” The Guidon posted.

“Attendees were advised to enter school premises, and dispersed safely,” it said.

An Atenista also tweeted about what happened in the evening of August 24 with this thread:

Another Twitter user reposted what the police car looked like.

In the comments section of The Guidon’s post, netizens reacted to the cops’ visit.

Who’s their leader? These could be the perfect answers to that question.

What about the missing license plate?

Recon work?

Was it about a rally permit?

The cops shouldn’t be asking names, one netizen said.

New tactic?

Someone recalled the horror stories during martial law.

Here is the “spot report” of the cops who visited the rally, as per one Twitter user.

A netizen noted that if the cops tried to intimidate the protesters in Ateneo, how much more intimidation could they have done in the poor communities?

“Sa tapat ito ng Ateneo, nasa pribadong lote pa kami. Paano pa kaya sa mga maralitang komunidad?” he said.

In case of unlawful arrest, here are the offices that can help and their contact numbers:

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