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Busted: Former president Aquino involved in a ‘deadly car accident’? It’s fake news!

On August 24, an online report claimed that former President Benigno Simeon Aquino III figured in a “deadly car accident,” but Aquino’s deputy spokesperson urged people not to believe this fake news.

Valte took to social media to deny the report’s claim.

“Don’t fall for this one, folks. Besides the horrible grammar, it’s just another piece of fake news,” she said on Twitter.

On Facebook, she once again slammed the way the report was written.

“The only thing that’s real from this fake news article is the horrible writing,” she wrote.

The report said that Aquino had serious injuries and could not speak after his car, but the media is waiting for a final statement from the doctors about the former president’s condition.

Valte and other Twitter users made fun of the grammatical errors in the online report and hoped that no one would fall for the fake story.

“I cringed. Here’s to hoping our countrymen will think twice when they read this fake and grammatically-painful-to-read news,” said a Twitter user.

Another one tweeted, “Parang ako ang namatay… sa mali maling grammar #RIPGrammar.”

Here are other Twitter reactions to the fake news:

Unfortunately, the fake news has spread far after it was shared almost 3,000 times, as per Facebook Links.

A Facebook user shared the report to a Facebook fan page supporting Duterte and Bongbong Marcos.

While some of the commenters called the story fake news, others still tweeted “RIP” showing that they believed Aquino died in the accident.

We also found that the photo used in the fake report was one taken by MindaNews during a deadly August 2013 bombing in Cotabato City.

Unlike what the story said about Aquino sustaining severe injuries, Valte said the former president is alright.

“Don’t fall for this one, folks. PNoy is alive and well,” she added.

And it turns out this is not the only fake story on We just tried to type “Duterte” in the search bar and we got these mostly fake articles in the search results.

And we got these results when we searched for “Philippines.” Really, Kanye West sang for Duterte?


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