Netizen slams what Duterte alleged was Marcoses’ reason for keeping wealth: ‘According to Marcoses, that’s not theft just safekeeping’

When President Rodrigo Duterte claimed that a spokesman of the Marcos family told him that they are “willing to open” and “return” the questionable wealth and even a “few gold bars” to the Philippine government, he also mentioned the reason as to why the Marcoses have kept the said wealth.
“Sabi nila na, malaki ang deficit mo, maybe the (sic) projected spending pero hindi ito malaki baka makatulong, but we are ready to open and bring back, sabi niya, pati yung a few gold bars,” Duterte said.

Duterte said the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos merely intended to keep the wealth and the gold to protect the economy and with the thought that he might be able to return to Malacañang.

“Just a few pero isauli nila. Para walang… and the only reason sabi nila, their father was protecting the economy for the eventual, kung maalis siya. But he was thought of regaining the Malacañang and that is why ganito ang lumabas parang naitago,” Duterte added.

In his Facebook post on August 31, Bernard Ong slammed that “safekeeping” reason and even gave a few analogies.

“Let’s say somebody took your 2-year old daughter. You missed seeing her grow up, go to school, get awards, go to prom, graduate, get her first job, get married. Then the culprit offers to return her to your family after 30 years,” he wrote.
But with the alleged reason the Marcoses gave for keeping their questionable wealth, as per Duterte’s claim, that is not kidnapping at all.

“According to the Marcoses, that’s not kidnapping just safekeeping,” he wrote.

And he gave yet another analogy.

“Let’s say somebody took your life savings – a few hundred thousand pesos – 30 years ago. You needed that money for tuition, or hospital care, or emergencies. Then the thief shows up 30 year later and offers to return a portion of it – ‘yung nakita talaga’,” Ong said. “According to Marcoses, that’s not theft just safekeeping,” he added.

And here’s another one that hits closer to home.

“Let’s say a dictator plundered $10B from the country – hard earned taxes that could have financed schools, hospitals, bridges, roads, trains. He also tortured & killed citizens to exterminate dissent to his greedy rule. He was kicked out & his family fled with the loot. 30 years later, the descendants offer to return a portion of it – ‘yung nakita talaga,’” he said.

“According to Marcoses, that’s not plunder just safekeeping,” he added.

He ended his post with #MarcosMagnanakaw.

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