Agot Isidro calls Boracay fake news about her ‘way too stooooopid’

Actress Agot Isidro took to Twitter to denounce the fake news claiming that she was forced out of her hotel in Boracay on August 13 after being confronted by Duterte supporters.

“Fake! Fake! Fake! Was in Cinemalaya the whole day. To divulge my whereabouts that day is unnecessary but this is just way too stooooopid,” Isidro tweeted.

We busted the story from, which claimed to be a satirical blog. It was quite easy on our part, given the fact that the website used the name of a non-existent Boracay hotel.

Some of the Twitter users who replied to Isidro’s post made fun of the way the story was written.

Other Twitter users even made a connection between Isidro’s fake story and that of Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano’s story of being forced to get out of a mall, something that we also noticed.

“They wrote a very similar story involving  Rep.Alejano being escorted out of a mall.guess they ran out of ideas,” one tweeted.

Another one predicted what might be the next story about the actress.

This is not the first “stooooopid” fake story written about Isidro, whose “psychopath” comment about President Rodrigo Duterte made her a target of the bashing by the President’s supporters.

She also figured in fake stories claiming that she dated drug lords and that her house was raided, leading to the discovery of P680 million drug money.

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